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Blood, magic, and events they never expected change the characters’ lives forever in the five bite-sized stories included in Keep the Good Parts.

Contains five bite-sized stories that will make you want to come back for more!

From Keep the Good Parts:
I can’t stop rereading the hastily scrawled letter. It's addressed to me. Under my name. At my apartment. How can they know who I am when I'm not even legally allowed to reveal it?

In a dank basement, fluorescent light flickers over a pool of blood dripping from the table onto the floor…

The shimmering surface of a portal draws in the unwary, promising adventure and danger in equal measure…

A hand-scrawled death threat is slipped under an apartment door…

All this and more waits for you inside Keep the Good Parts, a collection of five bite-sized stories just waiting for you to sink your teeth into them—and to sink their teeth into you!

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